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License issue
i've a star-os box with license, but now i can't connect to star-os box, and the question is. if i flashing the star-os firmware into a flash card again, i'll lost the license??

thanks in advance


Simply retrieve the license from the License Keys site or the email we sent when the license was generated and it will work on the unit with the Ethernet MAC it was generated for.
ok thanks !!
one question about licence. My StarOs now works in trial mode but I am waiting for licence key right now. What will be if I get licence after 24 hours? Will I need to again write staros on flash card or i can enter licence key after trial expired?
If you have console access you can enter the key, but all TCP access shuts down.
well I don't have console access. I hope that tomorrow until 5:00pm licence will arrive. problem is that wrap is on the roof and I cant so easy access to the equipment.
We were upgrading our radios from locustworld mesh this weekend when we ran into a problem acquiring a license key, that could not be resolved in the 24 hour period. Our radio is 300 ft on a tower.

If there is not a backdoor may I suggest in future versions that you could shutdown routing capablilties, or shutdown all but one interface, or any combination so that a tower climb is not required, in these rare cases.

Please let me know if there is any way I can avoid a climb.
I know this sounds harsh, but why would you not be willing to risk a $40 license before you put it 300 feet up a tower?

I am sorry, but the demo mode requires recopying or serial console access to enter the license. There is no backdoor or secret way in.
We have been running mesh for almost 2 years on all our radios and we are switching over, with the help of our vendor, Defacto Wireless. In order to do this you have to flash with the trial before you can get the unlock key on the radio to give to the website. We did several of these at once and the vendors account ran out of money in their account which couldn't be replenished until Monday, this was on a Saturday.

So we tried to buy our own license and after funding our account the website would not allow us to purchase it immediatly, it was tried again on Sunday morning and it still wouldn't give us a key although it said the account had the money in it.

I understand this is a problem we have to deal with and I am not mad, per se, but I was just making a suggestion that in future versions it would be a good idea to add the feature for these rare cases.
The other problem was that I was away for the weekend and did not have Internet access, bith very rare things. Although it hurt you, it was the best thing I have done a long time.

I am sorry though and we will have to see about a more flexible policy for the upcoming v3 relase - in late January.

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