Chastity Password Protector is Safe and Easy to use.
Strong Encryption

Built using the Industry Standard and Accepted AES 256 bit Encryption. Note that many Banks and others feel very secure with AES 128 bit Encryption.

Secure File Delete

Almost as important as safety while using the information, is to be sure that an Item is truly gone when you delete it. Everybody 'knows' that deleted files are still recoverable. We ensure that will not happen. First the files are mangled 9 times which should remove all magnetic traces on the hard disk surface. The other key thing is that the file was AES 256 Encrypted in the first place, so really, what would they be looking for? It is like shredding important papers and then burning the shredded mess.

Flexible Free Form Database

It is Extremely easy to add your own data fields to the entry forms. You can even have duplicate fields, ie 2 phone number fields. There is a special field for a 10x10 spreadsheet. You can tailor any form to precisely the data you wish to store.

Easy sharing of files using Dropbox or other Cloud Storage. The data records are simple encrypted files which makes it very easy to sync changes to other users and computers you may wish to use. Storage in the Cloud will be safe because of the AES 256 bit Encryption.

Useful Tools

A simple Spreadsheet, with math calculations can be added to your records. It is ideal for expense accounts, etc. A larger 20x50 Spreadsheet can be used for day to day general calculations, ie as a very big programmable calculator. Simply create a Data Item with only a large Spreadsheet.

Reverse Phone #

A Reverse Phone Lookup will fill in the Name and Address automatically from the phone number. Of course the phone number must be listed or otherwise available in the provider database.

Easy Mapping

A Cool Mapping Tool is included with many choices of Map Providers. You can view the Item on the map using an address lookup, or paste the GPS coordinates into the data entry form. You can locate addresses on the Map Tool and zoom in to house level detail.

Remote Login

An Information Popup Window contains the Name, Password and Url and allows you to copy and paste this information into your Browser for an easier login experience. You can also designate additional fields to be shown on the Popup Window. Note this is NOT an automated Login using your Browser to store information. We feel it is important to limit what information your Browser has knowledge of. It has have been shown, many times, that Browsers are simply not secure, so why entrust your secret data with them and any crackers that gain access to your system?

The ability to search all records and fields to easily find matching items. You can designate that certain fields are NOT searchable, ie, your Password, Pin, Credit Card CVV, etc.

Easy to Use Tools

Display items in a searchable list or folder or tree view.

Templates for entering common items such as bank accounts, credit cards and logins. Select from default templates or create your own.

Web form copy/paste to login to web sites using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and for Network Adminstrators there is even a SSH login.

Password generator with settings for length and types of characters.

Password strength meter to show how effective your chosen Password really is.

Field masking to shield private data from prying eyes. Mask individual fields or copy to Windows clipboard. Mask/Unmask all fields with one click.

Mortgage Calculator selectable for US or Canadian methods