Organizing your Data

An Information Popup Window contains the Name, Password and Url and allows you to copy and paste this information into your Browser for an easier login experience. You can also designate additional fields to be shown on the Popup Window. Display items in a searchable list or a tree view.

There is a Password generator with settings for length and types of characters to include. The Password strength meter will show how effective your chosen Password really is.

This program requires the use of Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer. For XP we cannot create a shortcut so our advice, at the moment, is to install to your Desktop and manually create a Shortcut.

The Problem

Passwords were never required of everybody and if they were, then there was always an expert, your SysAdmin to create and maintain the list of users and passwords. Today that has all changed and everybody uses passwords for things like email and your online banking, not to mention all of the Social sites you belong to. The other thing that has changed is you do not have access to a SysAdmin so you have to do it all by yourself.

Weak Passwords

Now that you must create your own password for the sites you use, the typical solution is to have a single password that you use all the time. If you have chosen well then at least your password is not too vulnerable to a Brute Force (having a computer try all possible combinations) or a Dictionary Attack, where the cracker has their system go through a large list of passwords they have gathered and shared with other crackers.

Weak or Compromised Sites

This is where it all blows up. All it takes is for the cracker to compromise one typical website that requires users to login and they have the info for those usesrs. This might not seem to be so bad, at least initially since it only affects a few people. Not the end of the digital world for sure, some would say. But, you see, this is only the tip. Quite likely those users were lazy and simply used their unique hard to crack password because it is so hard to remember a bunch of different passwords. Now the cracker potentially has access to any major site those users regularly use.

What to Do

To minimize this risk it is highly suggested that every online user act like the SysAdmin of the Good Old Days. Create and record a unique user name and password for each and every site. Sounds good, but how do you remember potentially hundreds of user names and strong passwords? Not many people can do that. I know I cannot do that at age 61 or in fact at any time in my life. I had a good memory but not even close to good enough for that task.

Better than Nothing

Some people create a list in their favorite word processor and some even more skilled users will have that document encrypted. Unfortunately the encryption used by many of the word processors is very weak and there have been programs available (for many years) that will open a protected document in mere minutes.

Our Program - Chastity

Chastity is designed to replace that olden days SysAdmin, but on steroids. It uses AES 256 bit Encryption for ALL file storage, while many banks and larger sites are quite content using AES 128 bit Encryption. AES 128 bit is secure enough but AES 256 is very secure for now and the foreseeable future.

We Provide the Tools

Chastity makes use of a Password Generator that you can fine tune for the length of the password and the characters it is composed of. Many banks do not allow the use of some special characters or it would interfere with their programs. It also has a Password Strength Checker so that you can see the result and compare to your passwords you are now using.

Free Form Database

In addition to securely storing and retrieving your user name and password, we have also made it possible to include any other information you wish to keep for every database entry. This allows, for instance, the name of the bank, phone number, swift code, account number, account name, and .... well you get the general idea. You can store anything you want along with your user name and password and it is ALL securely encrypted using AES 256 bit Encryption.

Uses the same database across all versions, so sharing of info is easy.

Familiar User Interface

Display items in a searchable list or folder and file tree view. You can search all records and fields to quickly find matching items. You can designate that certain fields are NOT searchable, ie, your Password, Pin, Credit Card CVV, etc.


There are Templates for creating common items such as Access Points, Wireless Routers and logins. Select from default templates or create your own.

Web form copy/paste to login to web sites using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and for Network Administrators there is even a SSH login.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator selectable for US or Canadian methods.