Chastity Password Protector is What We Like.
Who We Are

Lonnie Nunweiler, a Canadian citizen currently residing in Thailand.

Why Get a License?

You will have more screen space and will not see the advertisements we will be using to generate revenue.

Give this Free version to as many people as you wish. It tells them you care about their online safety. Online login security mistakes can literally ruin a company or individual.

You will be doing your Friends and Family a great service by giving this program and ensuring they have access to it. You "know" they are using ineffective passwords because it is so hard to do manually and Chastity makes it so easy.

How about just getting behind a good cause and be someone who wants to help other people.

How We Help You

We provide you with Wireless Router Software, called StarOS, to make your WISP run better. The Chastity program will definitely help you to organize your sites as well as make maintenance and configuration tasks easier.

We provide you with a totally FREE program to make your online experience safer and at the same time easier. The typical way to make online easy is to use simple, easy to remember logins. Now you can use the strongest password possible yet still easily and simply login to your online sites.

Where to from here?

The next phase will be to create a universal program able to run on a desktop or small phone and use the same database.

We have been doing software development for nearly 20 years and have faced many obstacles. We have shown we do not quit and will keep doing what we do to help people. We love what we do, so what else would we do?